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Mount for new Stellarview 102 ED hard choice

Started by Nick Nitro, 11/30/2011 07:13PM
Posted 11/30/2011 07:13PM Opening Post
Hi everyone, I just purchased my first telescope and am trying to decide on a mount. I have done hours of research and am having a hard time deciding. I understand that to get a Equatorial mount with tracking for photography with I eventually will want to do I will need to spend around $1500.. I have considered the I-Opton EQ45, Losmandy GM 8, and the celestron CGEM. Each has some nice features but then I start to read of the faults and can't make a decision. I think the Losmandy has the best tracking but gets pricie when u add in the recomended assories. i also like the idea of the clutch. Any seggestion and opinions will be great.


Posted 11/30/2011 09:02PM #1
The GM-8 is a good choice in my opinion, I own one and have also owned a G-11, both nice mounts. The mount is easy to work on, so you can service it yourself, no sending in the mount every time something happens.
Used ones are a great deal, I bought mine here for $1000 shipped with the Gemini Go-To, stainless steel weights, custome clutch knobs and polar scope. This is a heck of a mount for that kind of money.

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