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Paramount MX+ VS AP1100GTO

Started by cafeinrome, 05/31/2015 04:47PM
Posted 05/31/2015 04:47PM Opening Post
I have question between Paramount MX+ and AP1100GTO
Actually I ordered AP1100GTO.
But some of my friends told me that Paramount is better than AP...
The reason, AP use some plastic gear in their gear box.
Is it true ???
I can not belive that because for supporting and stable tracking, all mechanical parts also have strong siffiness.
So if AP use plastic gear in ther gear box, their mount does not perfectly taacking...

Anway, is there someone who know whether AP mount use plasic gear or not ??

And another question..
Most of people say that if you use mount for astro photh, you should use 1/2 maximum payload.
Does it also apply AP mount too ??
(AP1100 payload : 110lbs) that mean, for stable tracking, limited payload will be 55lbs.. Am I correct ??

If you recoment for middle size mount between Paramount MX+ and AP1100, which mount is better ??

Thank you
BR JM.Choi
Posted 05/31/2015 10:23PM | Edited 05/31/2015 10:24PM #1
Yes there is a plastic gear in each gearbox but it is substantial and cuts the noise down. They are not a problem at all and the gearbox is problem free.
Which is better well they both have strong points. I chose AP and have no regrets. grin

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Amateur Imager
Posted 06/01/2015 12:27PM #2
Yes, we use a Delrin gear for the first reduction from the high speed motor. The advantage of Delrin is low noise, very low wear and precision. The first gear operates at very high speeds, which is difficult for metal gears to handle.

The tracking accuracy of the mount does not depend on the first reduction gears, rather it depends on the worm, which is precision cut and measured for accuracy in our own facility. Even without PE correction, the worm drive of the AP 1100 mount is typically under 5 arc seconds, and with PE activated it will be in the range of 1 arc second or less.

We spend a great deal of time and care producing this geartrain. It is most accurate, I assure you. There are also other advantages to our mounts besides accuracy. They do not need a computer to operate. They run off 12 volts, so can be used in the field with a simple 12 volt battery. The mounts set up rapidly in the field and can be polar aligned easily with optional right angle polar scope. Call George at AP and he can fill you in on all the features that are inherent.