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US digital encoders...S2 or S1?

Started by gceee, 05/17/2023 07:31AM
Posted 05/17/2023 07:31AM Opening Post
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Posted Yesterday, 03:56 AM

Hi all.

I am in need of a new digital encoder for my 18" dob.  Last outing the Azi started acting up.  It came physically damaged when I got the scope used.  I reglued the housing to get it up and running, it lasted two years.  Now I need a new/used encoder.

My question I have to stay with the S2 US Digital encoder or can I use the S1 model?

What's the difference?

Any other encoders out there that can replace my 8192 tic S2 broken encoder?  I am aware that I can use any tic count as I have the Nexus unit....4000, 8192, 10,000 etc.

Thanks for any info ...