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Vixen Super Polaris DMD-3 HC Problem

Started by Oddog, 01/12/2018 05:57PM
Posted 01/12/2018 05:57PM Opening Post
Recently picked a Vixen Super Polaris with both motors and the DMD-3 hand controller. All the controls seem to work fine exept the RA motor in the east direction. Setting the speed at 16x I get obvious movement with all directional buttons and both motors except with the button on the east (9 o/clock position, the one labeled 'Stop').

With the motors on and tracking that button will stop the tracking movement but won't turn the motor at the 16x speed as I would expect. I tried switching the plugs and I get the same results but of course with the other motor so I think I've isolated the issue to the HC.

However I'm hoping that I'm just not fully understanding how this drive system I missing somthing?

Tom Duncan
Posted 01/12/2018 11:10PM #1
Got to use the mount this evening and discovered when pressing the east/stop button the mount doesn't stop tracking but moves it in reverse at the 2x rate, regardless of where the 2x/16x switch is at. The movement matches the other three directions in 2x rate. It doesn't stop the tracking, which I would expect it to, so that button does not act as a "Stop" button.

Posted 02/14/2019 11:44PM #2
Hello Tom,

I have one that works as you describe. I think it acts like my Atlas does and just interrupts the tracking while you push the button but never actually "stops" it.