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Wireless Vixen Star Book Connection Fails

Started by vjpapa, 01/11/2019 10:21PM
Posted 01/11/2019 10:21PM Opening Post
Hello CN members,

Well the last 4 days have been a lot of trial and error. I successfully downloaded SkySafari 6 Plus to my iPad. In SS settings I set scope to Star Book(also tried Sphinx) and mount to German Equatorial. IP was entered as and Port 80(I also tried other ports). The other settings I left as factory defaults, such as SkyFI/off.

The TP Link Nano router quickly connected to my iPad and then authorized. Router information auto filled its IP info etc. instantly. No login was required. ALL seemed flawless until I tried to connect to the mount(at least 50 times).

The mount is a SXD updated to version 2.7.

Star Book was connected to the Nano router with a ethernet cable(tried 3 different ones-not crossover). Star Book had the same sky view on its screen as I had on my iPad. I checked all the Cloudy Night forum posts and many other sites and 50% or more of the folks have the same issue as I do- won't connect to mount!  I took my Star Book, router and cables to a local computer repair store to make such all the components were correctly assembled etc. 

Please advise.

Best regards,