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10"dob question

Started by arawson, 02/26/2005 01:13PM
Posted 02/26/2005 01:13PM Opening Post
My Orion 10" dob lost a nut on the inside of the ota that holds one of the bolts in place on the altitude mechanism. This bolt is pretty much exactly halway down the am I supposed to fix this? I'm very hesitant about yanking the primary or secondary mirror off but I guess I'm going to have to. How hard is going to be to collimate the primary if I pull it? Thanks
Posted 02/26/2005 01:35PM #1
You can't reach between the arms of the spider and get all the way down there? Remember--you don't have to reach it, just the end of the wrench.

NOw, not being familiar with that particular scope, I would say it is easier to remove and replace the primary cell--mirror and all, than the secondary. Before moving anything, though, be sure to mark which way the cell currently sets. (It probably has three or four holes holding it in, just make sure you mark the orientation of the cell so you can put it in the same way you took it out.) If you do so, you should be lucky, and it will need little if any collimating when it goes back in. Maybe as much as you would give it on an ordinary start-of-observing night.

While you have it out, it might be time for a cleaning, and center spotting if it isn't already done!


Posted 02/26/2005 07:39PM #2
My orion 8 inch had a green sticker on the tube and the mirror cell. All you had to do was put them on the same side and away you go. I also agree that if you can get to it from the bottom thats the way to go.

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