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CCD Newtonian.

Started by wyliecoyote, 01/29/2003 12:40PM
Posted 01/29/2003 12:40PM Opening Post
I own and use a fast Newtonian, an 8" f3.5 primary mirror, with a large secondary for imaging purposes and a smaller secondary for visual use. These are mounted on a three vane spider. The views are "rich field" fantastic, but with the inherent coma present in all fast Newts. I've posted messages asking for imformation about using a field flattner..and I know about the TV Paracor, visual and imaging correctors. I'm looking for something simpler, fewer lens elements, and cheaper..but with good results. A ccd cameras' chip is small but I would still like to correct and optimize the field of view using my ccd camera with this system. Any suggestions?
I would like to duplicate this "rich field" Newt using a 16"to 18"primary..but optimize it for ccd use, with the camera placed at prime. I like to keep my feet on the ground and I don't have room for a stepladder (and big scope) in my roll off roof observatory anyway.
Any users out there of similar instruments with any suggestions? thanks, BW