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Collimation question

Started by dj123, 02/22/2006 04:21PM
Posted 02/22/2006 04:21PM Opening Post
Secondary issues. Why is it that when I raise the secondary away from the primary and collimate, it requires that I tilt the secondary away the focuser so that it looks more offset than when I lower it. When I lower the secondary I have to tilt it towards the focuser to collimate. This then look less offset. It will appear collimated at either setting with both a laser and cheshire showing the same collimation. The only difference I can see is when I look through the empty focuser and can see the reflected primary and secondary, it looks to be slightly off center on the secondary, lower on the secondary when the secondary is lowered and more centered when the secondary is raised. Should the reflected primary be slightly off center or centered?
Dave Jackson
Posted 02/22/2006 05:24PM #1
David, the primary should appear centered in the secondary when looking through the bore of the focuser. The refection of you eye might looks slightly offset and this is normal.
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