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Criterion mystery

Started by fct-150, 03/27/2013 03:24AM
Posted 03/27/2013 03:24AM Opening Post
I have two questions that simply have me baffled:

1) What are the age differences between the Criterion RV "saucer tip" feet and the regular "triangle tip" feet?

2) Is a Dynascope RV-6 the same as all RV-6(s)? I look at ads stating the Dynascope RV6 from the late '70s and they look exactly like mine. I go further back to the 1960s, and the Dynascope has polished aluminum end rings, a gray tube, and a Dynascope serial plaque.

Educate this young punk-gone-old skool please!

Andy S.

Just a few thoughts:

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Posted 03/28/2013 10:03AM | Edited 03/28/2013 10:05AM #1
There were a couple of different "feet" styles. Doesn't make any practical difference.

There were the RV-6es and the RV-8s...and then there were also the Deluxe scopes. These were supposedly available in apertures up to 16-inches (though I've never seen a 16) and had fancier, heavier mounts, the pedestal + tripod, slow motions, tube rings, the gray tubes, etc., etc. Naturally, Criterion sold far more RV "real value" scopes. wink

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