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F.1 Reflector?

Started by Andy Campbell, 06/02/2006 03:39PM
Posted 06/02/2006 03:39PM Opening Post
An F.1 Reflector?? I have a 14" spherical F.1 polished blank. Looks like a meniscus lens for a mak. or something like that. I was wondering if there was a way to make something like this work as an imaging system?
Posted 06/02/2006 05:38PM #1
I dunno why nobody makes curved chips- it could be done, obviously.

Jess Tauber
Posted 06/03/2006 01:57AM #2
If it is for a 14" Maksutov, then I'd find out what kind of Maksutov it belongs in (i.e. Newtonian or Cassegrain, and what focal length primary mirror, etc), then build it. You could end up with a very nice scope. As far as using it as a primary mirror, that would be very difficult. To use as visually or for photography, you'd most likely need a schmidt corrector, which for a f/1 primary is quite hard to make. To use it without such a corrector lens would require refiguring the optic to an asphere, which at f/1 is again quite hard to do. Which ever way you slice it., fast optics are hard to deal with.

MIke Connelley