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Hardin 10" f/5 DSH dob

Started by vinckkw, 11/08/2004 09:21AM
Posted 11/08/2004 09:21AM Opening Post
Hi Guys,

Just wanna ask.....for this scope, does it produce noticable coma? I have a set of Pentax XL, 68 degree FOV. Will coma be apparent on these eyepieces?

Posted 11/08/2004 07:29PM #1

What are the eyepieces you used to make you notice those coma?

Also, does the Parracorr cuts down the light through the eyepiece?

Posted 11/13/2004 10:41AM #2
I have a DSH 10 on order. I will be using it with my existing 1.25" Televue Plossl collection, and the supplied 2" 32mm Hardin EP (Kellner?). I hope the Televue Plossls will work well with this scope until I can upgrade to quality wide field EPs over time. I'm really looking forward to this scope. It's my first Dob. Actually it's my first reflector. All my previous experience has been with achromatic refractors. Up to this point my largest scope has been a 5-inch achro... (Scott)