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help needed with crummy meade focuser

Started by George Golitzin, 01/06/2005 04:10PM
Posted 01/06/2005 04:10PM Opening Post
HI all--

I've been working on a collection of telescopes at my daughter's middle school--unfortunately two of these scopes are Meade 4.5" f/8 goto reflectors with 2" plastic focusers. This focuser has an adapter for .965" eyepieces which screws onto the drawtube, rather than the traditional setscrew arrangement. The supplied Huygens eyepieces are hideously bad.

Does anyone know if meade made another adapter for 1.25" eyepieces that screws onto the same 2" drawtube? And where might I find one or two? The thing is, the OTAs aren't worth enough to warrant the purchase of a decent focuser, but the scopes would be usable with 1.25" eyepieces.

Thanks for your help,

George Golitzin