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Konus 200 Collimation

Started by tomnicolaides, 01/24/2005 07:10AM
Posted 01/24/2005 07:10AM | Edited 01/24/2005 07:12AM Opening Post
Hello All,

I'm using an older Konus 200 reflector that I recently bought used. It seems to be of the older variety with large focuser and very narrow spider vanes. As one might expect, it's in need of collimation. I was able to give it a "rough" collimation by adjusting the phillps head screws on the rear of the mirror cell. Hoever, to lock it in the new position requires turning the set screws that are adjacent to the adjustment screws. It's not evident to me how to turn these - The screw looks like it may be an allen hex head type, but the hole is smaller than the smallest allen wrench I have, which is 1.5mm. Does anyone know how these set screws are used?



Konus 200 on a Meade LXD500B mount, DH motors and Autostar 497
Orion Astroview 120 on EQ3 mount with Meade DS motors and Autostar 494 Starfinder
Posted 01/24/2005 04:35PM #1
egads, what a mistake I made. After trying for two days to figure out how to back out that set screw, I finally am able to back it out using a jewler's screwdriver. And what do I see? A big old 2mm hex head on it. Couldn't see it because of the black screw against the black mirror cell and it was recessed .15 inches. Soooo.. there is no problem - it works just like it should.

But thanks for all the help and suggestions! Wish me luck on my collimation - never done a newtonian before - or any other scope for that matter.