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Orion Starseeker IV reflector OTAs

Started by JimPhelps, 06/23/2018 12:21AM
Posted 06/23/2018 12:21AM Opening Post
Recently I ordered directly from Orion Telescope Center an Orion Starseeker IV 150 reflector.  I was intrigued by what I had been told about the Starseeker IV goto mount, and I've always liked 6" F-5 newtonians over the years.  I had talked to a number of sales and tech people at Orion and everything they told me about the Starseeker mount was what I was looking for.  It arrived Tuesday and I assembled the tripod and mount head very quickly.  When I examined the 150 OTA I noticed that at the rear of the tubewhere I expected to see the primarymirror and its mount, instead I sawa plastic coverwhich would inhibit any circulation of airto equalize the mirror surface and I could see no way of collimatingthe primary mirror.  I called Orion andtold sales and tech people about this.  I learned from them thatboth the 150 and 130OTA primary mirrors cannot be collimated, even though Orion encloses  an "aline collimation cap with those scopes (what for?)Over the years I have bought numbers of Orion productsand customer service has been excellent.  I asked if I could returnonly the OTAand was told that if I wanted to return any part of the product I would have to pack it all up again and send everything that came with it back, not just the OTA.  In the past when I have had an intelliscope computer object locator giving me problems I was able to return the COL alone for repair or replacement.  I had not been asked tp pack it all up with the entire OTA, accessories and all for return.  I was told that many beginners arebuying these scopes.  I believe that the uncollimateability of the 150 and 130 OTAs will effectively shortchange these beginners understandingof proper circulation, and importance of collimation for performance of newtonian OTAs.  Hopefully this information about my recent Orion experience will help others in their purchase decisions.  It appears that the mirror has likely been glued to some form of primary mount.  

Clear skies,
Jim Phelps