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vixen r200ss

Started by dan janosick, 06/06/2006 12:14PM
Posted 06/06/2006 12:14PM Opening Post
I am at my wits end and could really use the expertise of this group. I own a vixen 8" 800 mm reflector f/4 and all stock accessories to include the coma corrector. When I use it visually and with a dslr it performs perfectly. However, I recently purchased a st-2000xm camera with a gerd neuman filter drawer and cannot reach focus. I cannot rack the drawtube in any further to reach focus. I purchased the 2" nosepiece (baader) along with the 2" low profile adpater (vixen) and still cannot reach focus but I can see I am going in the right direction.
I was told maybe the Denkmeier OCS is the answer but I was also told not to use the coma corrector along with that, I was also thinking of the Clement low profile focuser but then that would add alot of cost (500) plus I could not use the stock coma corrector unless they could make a special adapter so I could attach my coma corrector.
I love the idea of a native f4 scope and I do not want to change the configuration that would impact the focal length any all?
Posted 06/07/2006 01:24AM #1
The easiest thing would be to re-mount the primary mirror farther up the telescope tube. This will have the affect of pushing the focal plane farther out of the focuser. You can estimate how much more in focus you need, when re-mount the primary mirror farther up the tube a little more than this value. Typically, this requires no more than drilling new holes in the tube for the primary mirror cell, and is a thing you can do in an evening.

Mike Connelley