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Expl sci AR102 refractor Vs orion starblast 6i

Started by JimPhelps, 02/11/2018 06:11PM
Posted 02/11/2018 06:11PM | Edited 02/11/2018 06:17PM Opening Post
I posted my dilemma probably inappropriately in the after dark forum. I currently own an Orion 10" intelliscope dob and have sold off an omni 6"F5 reflector w/CG4 mount and an orion 4.5" starblast I want a grab & go scope that I caN USE to view through the spaces between my trees in the backyard. The AR102 refractor with dual speed ocuser and 2" diagonal at $600 is very tempting but so is the orion starblast 6" intelliscope dob. at $430 I have many 1.25" eyepieces and about 10 2" eyepieces. I would like to read opinions based on experience as to which would be preferable. The refractor comes with a Twilight mount which I am told can handle the 10.4lb ota easily for low to medium views but might have problems with high magnifications. The Starblast at 23.5lbs would be easy to move around and I would put it on a celestron tripod with wood base on top to elevate the focuser. Any advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated.
Jim Phelps
Posted 02/11/2018 07:04PM #1
I've used the starblast and found it to be quite capable with good optics and contrast. Some of the parts for the mount were either duplicates or missing but Orion shipped out of the needed parts promptly. The intelliscope worked ok but you might need to do some fine tuning with the mount to getr the warp factor where you want it. Here's Ed Ting's review of it:
I haven't used the ES 102acro but I've used similar relatively fast refractor scopes and I like them with appropriate filters to deal with the false color. Here's review that may help:
I'd personally go for the 6" starblast as a grab and go but I'm sure you'll probably enjoy either one...