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field flattener education

Started by dan janosick, 12/12/2006 05:50AM
Posted 12/12/2006 05:50AM Opening Post
I jus took delivery of a 130mm refractor and would like a breif education on field flattners. The scope has a focal length of 925mm. Before I cough up a couple more hundred dollars on a ff can anyone tell me if you can inter change branded scopes with differently branded ff's? Meaning say I own a WO refractor can I use a TV or an Astrophysics ff with it, or is each company's ff manufactured towards a specification of their own ota?
I plan on using the ota visually and with a variety of cameras, the sbig st-2000xm and a large chip dslr. I would love to hear from the group.
thanks and clear skies
Posted 12/12/2006 07:53AM #1
Yes you can - but usually FF are designed to work in specific FL ranges - So you'd have to "match" to meet your scope. I've used the TV one in a WO scope, and the Celestron SCT one in a WO scope - both worked. BTW the Celeston SCT one (and I assume the Meade one also) seems to have quite a wide range of FL capabilities...your 925mm range is pretty long and may not be much of an advantage - might want to see before you buy...