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First look - TMB 130 Signature Series

Started by msholdenct, 08/26/2006 04:49PM
Posted 08/26/2006 04:49PM Opening Post
I just returned from the Black Forest Cloud Party, where the 130 Signature Series was on display.

I looked at it, hefted it, and looked through it.

Build quality looks nice. The coatings look a little nicer than the coatings on my TMB 115 CNC. The tube is aluminum, and has knife edge baffles. The dew shield is flocked.

The tube rings are substantial.

The focuser is a dual speed 4" r&p that's reputed to hold at least ten pounds, and the reduction is supposed to be 11:1.

At 364 power, pine cones and leaves looked crisp, the focuser seemed smooth and precise, and I didn't notice any backlash.

Unfortunately, because of the weather, I doubt anyone will get a night time look through it at BFSP. Friday night was cloudy with lightning on all sides, and there were Tornado warnings for the next county over. Tonight's forecast was for clouds and thunder showers.

But it looks like premium apos are about to become more affordable.
Posted 08/27/2006 07:25PM #1
Thanks for the report, Mark. Do you know what the prospective price is?