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Fraud attempt 4" Clark - you know where

Started by msholdenct, 05/18/2006 08:14AM
Posted 05/18/2006 08:14AM Opening Post
Someone has started an auction on another site for a 4" Alvan Clark

The picture, and most of the description is identical to one used in an auction about 6 weeks ago. (from 1915, been in the family since new, same accessories)

Posted 05/18/2006 10:39AM #1
About a rear or so ago, someone tried the same thing by posting an auction for a 4" unitron equatorial complete... using the same pics posted on 3 different listings with sellers in 3 different locations (one of them Italy!) over a period of a month. their undoing was posting the 3rd auction before the second had completed.

Their scam was after stiffing the winner the second and third place bidders were contacted offering it for sale due to the winner's backing out...

They were busted and banned by the site. It still happens all the time there, despite honest efforts to curb it. Crooks are very clever and have nothing better to do but keep trying.

2 simple rules:

-If it looks too good to be true, it is.

-Caveat Emptor.

i won't say too much more about that site b/c it riles the host here (and that's fair,) except to say that like any other site, this one included, keep your wits about you before you buy.

Peace. Out...