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Japanese refractors

Started by William123, 09/10/2003 11:24AM
Posted 09/10/2003 11:24AM Opening Post
Which Japanese-brand refractor is considered the best by Japanese amateur astronomers? Takahashi? Pentax? Other?
Posted 09/13/2003 04:35PM #1
I know a very experienced Japanese observer who answered the question this way:

"in Japan we think, Astro-Physics is the best brand image for scope. Next is ... I don't know. Maybe I suppose TEC=TMB=TV > TAK, FS, FC, FCT > Vixen FL. But as for TOA, I think it would be the same level or might be slightly better then TEC, TMB, TV refractors.

Maybe my opinion would be different from you (US people)."

I would guess this ranking would vary among Japanese amateurs just as such a question would get a variety of answers here.