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Re: high price views for less

Started by mirfak, 11/04/2012 03:55AM
Posted 11/04/2012 03:55AM Opening Post
Billy you are correct, and very lucky to find that scope. They are good deals!

Posted 11/05/2012 12:52AM #1
I totally agree if you were to pick up an older Vixen/Orion or Vixen/Celestron, the ones where the optics were made in Japan. Mine is the former of the two, a 102mm that happened to receive an excellent review on an older thread in CN. The series of 102 scopes started with what I have, a 102mm achromat followed by a 102ED that in its own right has been raved about in reviews as well. The top dog in the series was the highly regarded and still to this day the 102FL fluorite. At one time it was rated the best telescope three years running. I got spoiled on my 102 because later on when I bought an AR152 it was clear to me the 102 had better optics, better contrast too. So good on one particular night I was able to resolve the six stars in the Trapezium, detected the "continents" and polar cap on Mars too.

Another 102mm owner I chatted with early on even upgraded his to a moonlight 2" focuser, spending much more money on it than what he paid for the scope. He did it because he felt the telescope was good enough to image with even though it was an achromat. CA is minimal, in fact it took me a while before I even detected a hint of it on the Moon, a very faint hint of yellow on the limb and some blue only on the brightest stars. But the resolution and contrast made up for it. At this time I'm trying to buy a used Vixen 2" focuser I found because I want to upgrade it. Finding a focuser or rings isn't easy because of the 115mm OD of the tube and 112mm ID. Great value scopes.