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Re: Jaegers Optics

Started by klawson, 12/03/2004 02:42PM
Posted 12/03/2004 02:42PM Opening Post
Ouch! Those prices! Some of us have been around long enough to remember that the bulk of the sales for Edmund Scientific and Jeagers were to amateur astronomers and telescope makers. It seems like once the "sons" took over the prices changed by quite a bit.


40 year old restored C14 with recirculating cooling w/Skywatcher DOB GOTO Conversion (CPC14)

Synscan DOB mounted Sky-Watcher Evostar 150mm/1200mm ED Refractor

"Rescued" Craig's List Orion 120mm/1000mm Refractor


Posted 12/03/2004 07:15PM | Edited 12/03/2004 07:16PM #1
I got back into astronomy in 1978 with the building of a 6" f/5 Jaegers refractor. I originally ordered that objective and cell for $395.00. It was on backorder and by the time mine was ready (4 months later) the price had jumped to $450.00. Applying an inflation table to that price, that objective should be about $1200 to $1300 today. The Jaegers cyber catalog lists the 6" objectives at $1750, a bit overpriced.

Mine has been a good performer. Stars are pinpoint to the edge with good definiton. Tons of color on brighter stars, but a Deep Sky Filter seems to take care of that for photography.

Roland Christen may notice one of his older style focusers which I used to replace the original focuser on my 6" Jaegers. See photo.

Barry Simon

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