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Some help on triplet collimation please

Started by lineman_16735, 08/25/2007 07:29PM
Posted 08/25/2007 07:29PM Opening Post
Is there any online resources explaining triplet specific collimation? Is there an easy way to get in the ballpark without a star? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted 08/25/2007 08:40PM #1
Are you referring to the collimation or alignment of the objective assembly or the alignment of the focuser to the objective?

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Posted 08/25/2007 11:18PM #2
Collimation of a triplet is not hard. Take a look at the TMB 130 manual at this site. It will help you figure out how to collimate your triplet:

I have a TMB 175 and had to adjust collimation after a bumpy shipment from the previous owner. Using a cheshire was OK but the Takahashi collimation telescope really makes it easy. Lens centering is another subject altogether- if one of the elements has shifted in the cell so the elements are not centered you may want to send the scope, or at least the objective, back to the place you bought it or to the maker directly. Centering can be done by a careful owner and the Meade user groups can give you an idea how it is done.

Tak collimation scope- read the customer comment: