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TMB LOMO 80mm?

Started by daylight, 06/21/2020 01:28PM
Posted 06/21/2020 01:28PM Opening Post
What's the history/story of the 80mm refractors designed by Thomas Back, made by LOMO in Russia, and sold in a wide variety of tube assemblies by different companies? I have seen some from Stellarvue, APM, William Optics, etc. What about the later copies of this design sold by other companies and made in China/Taiwan?

Does anyone have the straight scoop on what's what with the 80mm refractors based on designs by Thomas Back? Which versions/tube assemblies were best? How much field curvature is in the f/6 version? What field flatteners are best for these?

How good are these 80mm LOMO lenses? How long do they take to reach thermal equilibrium and how sensitive are they to temperature changes?

Please tell me your 80mm TMB/LOMO stories, I really want to hear what you have to say!