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Started by Richard Beasley, 05/20/2005 08:10PM
Posted 05/20/2005 08:10PM Opening Post
Hey group just bought a Televue 102 used. It arrived out of collimation. I am going to use this scope for a couple of months until my scope is ready. I can collimate it myself, or I can send it to TV at a cost of $215.00. I guess my question is how much is the resell going to be hurt by an owner collimated 102. More than $215?

Clear skies,
Posted 05/20/2005 10:15PM | Edited 05/20/2005 10:24PM #1
Have you spoken to the seller about the problem, Richard? Maybe you can get him/her to discount the $215 off the total price or at least split the cost? BTW, the $215 includes complete service, i.e. scrubbingly ;-) cleaning job etc. in addition to collimation.

Ron B[ee]
Posted 05/20/2005 10:41PM #2
In my experience, it is not uncommon (4 of 4 scopes,
all new) for TeleVue scopes to arrive out-of-collimation.
This is because all that holds it in collimation is the
friction of the front lens cell on the tube (via the three
screws at the front). A good jolt or bump is all
you need to throw it out. So there is every chance
that it happened in shipping and not at the sellers

When you resell, there is a good chance it will get there
out-of-collimation also. It will be better if you can
say -- "hey, I just had it collimated by TeleVue,"
rather than "huh, I collimated it myself last week."

TeleVue does a pretty good job on these re-collimates,
and can also fix anything else that might be off.

You might be careful how it gets shipped back to
you -- pick something gentle like Fed-X next
day. Not UPS or Fed-X ground.