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16" Tube/Truss Advice Needed

Started by SocalDarkSkies, 07/02/2006 12:09PM
Posted 07/02/2006 12:09PM Opening Post
I have a feasability/weight question that I bet someone here might have some insight on.

I spent last night evaluating a brand spanking new Meade UHTC 7" Mak against my ancient 8" 826 and have come to the conclusion that Newtonian optics are just hard to beat. Extrapolating on this experience I'm thinking about abandoning my plans of replacing my big DS-16 equatorial with a 12" or 14" LX200R -- and instead converting it to a tube/truss hybrid.

The 16" really packs up my Tahoe when I want to take my girls out camping and it is impossible for me to rotate alone once my fellow campers (my poor wife) have gone to sleep.

I don't know and so am asking here; would I be saving much weight if I cut away the top half of my 66" long, 19" diameter, thick walled, sonotube and replaced it with a dob upper cage and short truss tubes? Or is this a pipe dream? (Pun intended.) I know It would be much easier for me to rotate alone as I would be able to grab both the bottom of the scope and lip of the shortened tube and of course it would fit much easier in my truck once cut down.

Would I be adding weight to gain portability or reducing it?

Any insight anyone could provide would be appreciated.

Thank you!!!


p.s. Totally converting this to a truss dob on an alt az mount is out of the question (I just prefer EQ's).