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Applying Felt /Flocking paper to Tubes..........

Started by Bruce N., 06/22/2002 07:08PM
Posted 06/22/2002 07:08PM Opening Post
My thanks to Walter for the tip on the felt from McMasters.

Very good stuff!! I got the non-adheasive backed stuff.

After pondering how to apply the felt to my 6" f8 tube the light went on.

1. Cut the felt full length plus 2" (1" over on each end).

2. Clean inside tube with alcohol.

3. I used 3M spray adhesive for headliners, etc. (available at body shop supply store).

4. Using a broom handle.... Roll the felt onto the handle rather tightly. At the end, secure the felt with double sided tape in 2 or 3 spots. (tape on the inside surfaces, this ensures the tape will not contact tube. Tape is easily removed after.)

5. Spray interior of tube with adhesive and wait as directed. You could use brush on cement as well.

6. I used a helper for this. Put handle with rolled felt into tube (suspended in center). After the felt extends 1" on either end make contact with tube and roll firmly. Go slow taking care to keep it square. Double sided tape will release. Felt is applied without seams, or wrinkles.

7. With exacto trim ends and focusor opening.

Works very slick!!
Posted 06/23/2002 08:17AM #1
Great idea. I will be putting some of the non adhesive backed material in our club scope in a few days. I'll give it a try and let you know how it works.

Posted 06/23/2002 12:10PM #2
Thanks..... I will check into it. Was are the effects of the outgasing (negative).