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Started by Thomas Dey, 10/05/2017 07:56AM
Posted 10/05/2017 07:56AM Opening Post
Yippee! My article just appeared in the latest issue of Amateur Astronomy Magazine, issue #96! "An Easy Fix for Astigmatism." It covers ways to eliminate objectionable astigmatism from your telescope, especially big Dobsonians. Tom

29-inch Dob in a dome
36-inch upgrade soon
LUNT 80/80 solar scope
FLI 6803 cam
APM 100mm APO Binos
JMI RB-16 Night Vision Binos
Zeiss 20x60 IS binos
Posted 10/07/2017 05:24PM #1
Congrats Thomas,

I have built in astigmatism in my eyes so all i have to do is rotate my head and somehow cancel out the astigmatism in the scope right?