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baffle materials

Started by DWTurner, 06/20/2002 03:19AM
Posted 06/20/2002 03:19AM Opening Post
What is commonly used to make tube baffles and where can I purchase these materials?? (for 10" dob)
Thanks in advance
Posted 06/20/2002 04:44AM #1
Although I have heard of baffles in newts, I have never actually seen them used. Most folks paint a very dead flat black , mix crushed nuts, or other "sawdust" materials with paint, or use the "flocking" type contact paper to line the inside of the tube. I just had my first experience with the flocking material in my 10" f/6. It is really amazing just how dead it makes the inside, just like a "black hole!" Also, I have found a very inexpensive source for the material. It is available from
listed under Velvet in the Fabrics section. The choice without the adhesive backing is especially nice as it allows one to install using spray adhesive which is easier than the adhesive backed material.