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Coating Disaster - Nova Optical Systems

Started by pianomanrsn01, 08/30/2014 07:57PM
Posted 08/30/2014 07:57PM Opening Post
In the late spring I sent a 12.5" f4 primary and 3.2" secondary out to Nova Optical Systems in Herriman, Utah (Salt Lack City area)for cleaning and recoating. The company is owned and operated by Steve Dodds. He promised me a two-week turn around. Five weeks later I finally received the two mirrors back from him and after an inspection, determined that both of the mirrors had serious coating flaws introduced by Nova Optical. I called Steve Dodds and explained the problems and he made up all kinds of stuff to try to convince me that both mirrors were fine which they clearly were not. The primary had two large voids near the edge from improper cleaning of the hold-down pad areas and the secondary clearly showed the oxidized aluminum from the original coating telegraphing through the newly applied aluminum deposition. At this point, I had about $180 into the transaction including shipping from my home in Dallas. When I started talking to him about getting my money back for the hack job Nova Optical Systems had done, he begain avoiding my phone calls, emails and letters. I eventually had the mirrors stripped and recoated by another vendor. I would recommend that anyone considering Nova Optical Systems look elsewhere for quality work. This is the poorest workmanship I have ever seen by a so-called professional. Avoid Steve Dodds at all cost.
Posted 09/03/2014 12:44PM #1
In the past year I've had really good dealings with John Lightholder. Even if you're not buying one of his mirrors he is full of advice.
When he refigured my 18" mirror I had updates every week or two - even after he sent it to Spectrum for coating.
His 12.5 mirror is the most amazing optic.