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dob bearings

Started by EReed, 06/14/2002 06:33PM
Posted 06/14/2002 06:33PM Opening Post
I was ponding today why nobody has tried a different setup for a dob. Instead of having the 2 large altitude bearings, have one of the large altidude bearings on one side, and on the other a single point, pivot, or bearing. I figure if you are resting the weight of the OTA on 4 points in the altitude, and suppose that one of your teflon pads wears faster than the rest, what will result is your scope tilting to one side to compensate for the wear. Why not use the inherent stability of 3 points in the altitude...much like a tripod, or the 3 points of contact used in the az bearing. I figure someone must have thought of that by now (I looked, but didn't find it) unless there was a reason why it would not work (I can't think of one). Some input would be greatly appreciated as to why this setup would or would not work. Thanks!

Posted 06/14/2002 08:02PM #1
Look for an S&T article in the last year or so--"An elegant 3-point Dobsonian" or similar title. I've thought of doing this but always concluded that it wasn't going to be worth the trouble for me.