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DOB total weight

Started by fblue, 07/24/2003 05:29PM
Posted 07/24/2003 05:29PM Opening Post

I have a 15" DOB that I recently purchased and just got around to weighing it.
The secondary cage weighs in at 13#
The Primary mirror box weighs 60#
The Rocker Box is 32#
The Truss tubes weigh 10#
TOTAL 115#
Is this a typical weight for a 15" with a 2" thick mirror?
Not too many people list the complete weighs of scopes.

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Posted 07/24/2003 05:51PM #1
Sounds about right to me. A friend has a 15" Obsession that is about that ballpark.
My 10" f/6 sonotube dob is almost 100#.

Posted 07/24/2003 06:35PM #2
Floyd, that sounds about right. My Sonotube 16" (Meade Starfinder with 1 5/8" thick mirror) was ~180 lbs in its original condition. After numerous rebuilds and add-ons I'm certain it now tops 300 lbs. I can carry it outdoors and assemble it in three minutes, though, and the high winds I sometimes observe in don't seem to cause *any* weathervaning. Jim
Posted 07/24/2003 09:03PM #3
Sounds about right to me too, had a 14.5" truss dob that was right in that ballpark too
Posted 07/25/2003 08:50AM #4
It may be that I'm in the minority here, but I don't know exactly what the weight of my 14.5" Starmaster is, and I really don't care. I wheel the whole thing out of my garage most nights, and when I take it apart to go to a remote site, none of the components are heavy or cumbersome. I used to own a 20" SM and the same applied - none of the components were that heavy.

That's not to say that ultra-light dobs aren't cool. And I definitely appreciate how ultra-light designers are examining the "standard" design that's popular today and figuring out ways to simplify them and improve the functionality.