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Eyepieces from camera lenses

Started by SAM, 07/29/2002 11:34AM
Posted 07/29/2002 11:34AM Opening Post
I was recently told that it is easy making high quality eyepieces from old Japanes camera lenses. Well, I have been working on this, without any luck. Has anyone tried this, and how did you do it? Thanks
Posted 07/31/2002 11:43PM #1
Here is a link to a picture of a HUGE eyepiece I made from a pair of lenses that were part of an old Fujinon TV zoom lens assembly and an achromat I had laying around.

This eyepiece needs a telescope with a large focal plane to work properly. I have a 4" f4 refractor and a 5" f7.2 refractor which both give incredible views with this lens, it's a real space walk (almost makes you dizzy). Something similar might be done with some of the smaller zoom lenses from old camcorders which are being scrapped these days.

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