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Finished my new scope!

Started by Craig Burlette, 08/22/2003 12:59PM
Posted 08/22/2003 12:59PM Opening Post
With the help of the good people on this list I've finally finished my 10" reflector. The mirror is a 10" Burgess f5 with an Antares secondary, Novack curved vane holder, JMI DX2 focuser and Meade LX 55 mount with custom wooden legs, shortened to keep the focuser at a reasonable height. The tube is inspired by the work of Chuck Fellows and is cedar wraped in fiberglass. The tube alone weigh's about 2-3 lbs and will recieve a dew shield with internal baffles. The amazing thing is that all of my eyepieces reach focus! This was my first telescope building project and I want to thank everyone who post's and responds to the telescope making forum for having helped with the project.

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Posted 08/22/2003 03:16PM #1
2 to 3 pounds??!! That is amazing. I made a 5.5" tube about 24" long from red oak, 3/16 thick, and it was almost 10 pounds.
Beautiful setup!!

Posted 08/22/2003 03:53PM #2
Looks beautiful. Great job!

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Posted 08/22/2003 10:35PM #3
More photos!! That is gorgeous! And the tube really weighs less than 3 lbs (by itself, I assume)?