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First Rouge Polishing Session

Started by tbennett, 04/05/2003 05:00AM
Posted 04/05/2003 05:00AM Opening Post
Hi All,

I've just polished out a 10" F6.5 Pyrex blank with CeO and planned on doing a final polish and figuring with some ball-milled rouge. This is my first rouge experience so a new lap was made and I tried proceding using the same techniques as used with CeO.

The problem I've encountered is that there is a LOT more drag between the blank and lap with rouge. This makes it very difficult to control the movement of the blank. Will this condition get better (less drag) as the lap get broken-in. Am not sure I can get an accurate figure unless I find a way to get better control of blank/tool movement by reducing the drag somehow. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Tom