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Started by mcdoogla, 09/05/2002 12:16PM
Posted 09/05/2002 12:16PM Opening Post
Dear All,
Thanks for the good advice on the mirrors, dob feet, etc.

The current issue: what are good focusers for truss dobs? I know JMI is universally recognized, as are feathertouch (way out of my price range!) Does anyone know anything about Apogee's own line of focuser? Orion? Thanks!

Posted 09/05/2002 12:31PM #1

Check out this site for KineOptics helical Crayford focuser.
I've been extremely pleased with its performance.
Posted 09/06/2002 09:39AM #2
I've owned and used several focusers, and believe the JMI basic 2" for about $159 is tough to beat. Orion sells the same one at the same price, without JMI's name on it.
I have a Feathertouch on my 36", and found that although it is extremely smooth, it deflects as much or more than the JMI when using a Binoviewer, or other heavy loads. So, I'd stay with less expensive one if I were you.
Posted 09/06/2002 09:53AM #3
I have the cheaper Orion 2" focuser and it is working fine for me. You can't beat the price of $32.95 plus S&H. I think it is better (smoother and less jiggle) than their cheaper 1.25" focuser. That kineoptics looks cool though.


Fort Lewis Observatory: (37.238, -108.052) ~2360m (7744 ft.) elevation.
Darkness - typically 6.5+
Scope - Meade 16" LX200; f6.3 focal reducer
Focus - JMI Smart focus
Camera - SBIG ST-10XE; (~.5"/pixel)
Guiding - AO-8 and/or Meade 5"/DSI/PHD