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Mirror Grinding

Started by ZWAY2B, 04/29/2002 07:15AM
Posted 04/29/2002 07:15AM Opening Post
I am machine grinding my first mirror and I need some help. First let me say that the process makes a lot more sense when you do it instead of read about it.

I made a dental stone tool about 70% of the mirror diameter and it was working fine but I now think I placed the tiles to close together because after grinding through 320 some of the channels where getting flush with the tiles. I was opening up the channels when 1 tile come off. Now what should I do? Use the tool with a tile missing, Re-epoxy the tile in place or make a new tool. I cast a new dental stone tool about 5 days ago that I was going to use for a pitch lap and it is cast with the correct ROC I could use this for a new tool probably in a day or 2.

Thanks for the suggestions.