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my first dob

Started by EReed, 06/06/2002 09:28PM
Posted 06/06/2002 09:28PM Opening Post
I am building a Dob mounting for a Newt OTA so i can bring it to college with me. I don't want to haul my large GEM with me. Since I have never owned a Dob, and have had very little experience in using them, a few pointers would be greatly appreciated. I have an experienced woodworker helping me with the construction of the base, but some of the things I need to know pertain to the motion. What is good to make the az axis with? Would a lazy susan bearing work, or will I want to look for something with smoother motion...and how about the altitude bearings? Thanks for your time.

Posted 06/07/2002 12:21AM #1
Ebony Star Formica is most commonly used on the bottom of the rocker box and three pieces of teflon on the top of the ground board. Bearings turn too easily and tend to make the scope behave as a weather vane. Place feet of ground board opposite teflon so weight is transfered directly to the ground. For altitude bearings, I've had good luck with a slice of plastic water pipe filled with a wood disc riding on two pieces of teflon. Experiment with the spacing of the teflon to find a 'feel' that you like.

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