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Started by Ron Oehlert, 12/20/2002 09:55PM
Posted 12/20/2002 09:55PM Opening Post
Hello. I've posted here recently and thought maybe you would like to know who I am (I've followed many of you over the years in S&T). I began my interest in astronomy in 1956 and knew all the constellations by 1957. I had a quality 2.4" refractor (no mm designations then) soon after and ground/polished my 1st 6" f/8 mirror in the early 1970's. A 2nd 6" and a 10" f/6 followed, but I've not pushed glass for some time. I guess I'm from the old school during Thomas Cave's reign. I participated in the ALPO's Luna Incognita mapping project of the 1970-80's but spend my observing time for fun now. John Westfall (acting director of the ALPO at the time) was impressed with the quality of my optics. I live in rural central US but not conveniently close to any organizations, and sometimes consider possibly re-figuring one of my mirrors to even better performance. I gave the 10" to a friend and still have the two 6". Happy holidays, Ron