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Protostar-A cautionary tale

Started by jstrogen, 04/18/2014 11:36AM
Posted 04/18/2014 11:36AM Opening Post
This is for anybody thinking of ordering from Protostar in Worthington,Ohio. On March 7th I ordered a 2.60" secondary from these folks. I promptly received an order receipt and began the wait for it to arrive. When I didn't hear anything from them by April, I began calling them. I called the number on the web site-- it was a spam number(866 number) then I tried the direct line and got no answer and that was all I got no matter when I called. Next I E-mailed them (twice) and waited--- no reply!!! Went on the Ohio BBB web site and found complaints of a similar nature! Canceled my order (I hope! ) and I will NEVER do business with them again!!! This is not acceptable practice and I hope all of you feel the same way.

P.S. I order the secondary from Asrosystems on Wed April 16 and expect it to arrive on Monday the 21st. Great people to do business with. Just another lesson to be learned!!!
Posted 04/19/2014 03:18PM #1
I could not agree more. I ordered a curved spider back in August. Paid via Paypal. Delivery time was 6-8 weeks . Well that was 8 months ago. No response to e-mail, phone call or postal mail. This company is a joke. How some major publications allow him to advertise is beyond me.