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Re: Disappointed with Starmaster scope

Started by Brad, 08/13/2002 04:44PM
Posted 08/13/2002 04:44PM Opening Post

Is that the scope Jonathan Dietch had listed on Astromart for about $700 without optics?
Posted 08/13/2002 08:03PM #1

Let's correct a couple of things before readers get the wrong impression.

When you say " first light outting with my new Starmaster 11" ELT", let's make sure everyone knows that it isn't a "new" Starmaster (it's several years old).

It wasn't a 11" (it originally had a 10" Zambuto mirror).

And it isn't the ELT version (it's the EL).

I've only seen one or two Starmasters, so I'm not an expert. But I do know my 11EL (the model after yours) has none of the problems your scope seems to exhibit. The upper structure is very rigid (I've wondered how they can do that with 4 parallel tubes). (Well, the finish is a little grainy in places:-)

For those who might be interested, the EL had a fixed upper section, the tubes did not disassemble. The newer version (the ELT) is more transportable (that's where the T in ELT comes from). Starmaster stopped making the EL model about a year ago as I remember.

The sonotube upper section Philip describes is history (although my 11El has it, and it works just fine), and was replaced by Oak and lightweight ABS plastic.

The painted truss tubes are history too, the aluminum truss poles now have a rubberized armor coating.

Sorry you're not happy with it, but readers should realize that what you describe isn't the current delivered product. In fact, I was thinking of buying it to house my new 10" mirror. It's no Zambuto, but then what is? :-)