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Re: Know absolutely nothing

Started by Lorne Johnson, 06/05/2003 11:32PM
Posted 06/05/2003 11:32PM Opening Post
A small refractor will still cool down more quickly. But, a 5" reflector, isn't bad after 15 to 20 minutes, so it should work pretty well if the mirror is well ventilated.
Posted 06/05/2003 11:51PM #1
Hands on Optics used to sell old Edmund mirror sets , 4.25" f/4.2, with matching 1.5" diag. for a very nominal price. I bought one set and made a nice little rich field that works nicely on a tripod. If you were going to make the optics instead of buying ready made I would recommend 6" f/5, as that would be easier and insofar as portability, not much bigger in reality. Also, I believe 6" f/5 optics are fairly common at reasonable prices.