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Re: ServoCat Installation in Northeast Needed

Started by Davebon, 12/30/2010 05:29PM
Posted 12/30/2010 05:29PM Opening Post
I don't know what they charge, but Webster Telescopes does Servocat installs on whatever brand scope. You would get a "factory authorized" install and I'm sure they could do it in an afternoon.

You want to see Detroit, right?

clear dark skies

dave b

Astromart Moderator
Posted 01/09/2011 03:33PM #1
Yeah Dave, thats the only reason I want this set up, so I can see Detroit,,,,hahahaha!!! I think I may have found a good tube though, but it's from arizona. I think it's a pretty good price too, Just waiting on a reply. I just now found my message about it. That would be so much better than a sonotube, if I dont mess it up putting everything together. I love tinkering with these things.
Thanks a lot Dave,