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rotating rings

Started by DLH, 01/07/2011 11:09PM
Posted 01/07/2011 11:09PM Opening Post
Hello all,
I am attempting to build a 10" newt for my eq mount and wiould like to use rotating ring's. Does anyone have plans or ideas on how ro build these rings. I found some for almost 500.00 . I think I could get by for a fractioin of this cost I I build them. Any help would be great. It would help to use when the tube would need to be turned instead of standing on a stool or crawling on the ground. I think most of you know what I'm talking about. So Please HELP!!!
I'm starting another 6" dob with a focal length of 60 inches, which I plan on using as a planet scope. This wont take too long to build, then I want to start the 10" F4 and have a little fun building it. I have found that building scopes is the best medicine I have found for my nerves, and winter time is the best time for me to do this as it's kinda dreary during these months. Any help would be freat. Thanx in advance,
Darrell Hensley
Posted 01/08/2011 12:47AM #1

What material are you going to use for the tube, how round is it?

If you use a metal tube that fits a set of standard rings, then modifying them by removing the felt and replacing it with Teflon pads works amazingly well. I used Teflon with one side etched so it is bondable about 0.020" or 0.030", McMaster-Carr has it and it is inexpensive.

You also add a third ring on top that clamps to the scope and rotates with the scope to prevent it from slipping down from gravity. This rides against the upper ring that is attached to the mount. The heads of the hinge bolts stick out so the hinges need to be ground so the heads are flush on both rings. Bondable Teflon Pads on the faces of the upper rings so they slide with minimal friction finishes the job.

I have a set of Antares Rotating rings for my 8 inch F/5 but they are big, added some weight and offset but mostly they make for an ugly scope. So, I built modified my old rings as described above and they work perfectly, smooth, yet solid. The clamps can be tightened or loosened to adjust the force required to rotate them.

If you are doing photography would would probably want to clamp the tube very tightly so it could not move.

Works for me.