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Rotating Rings on a budget

Started by Move2Right, 04/25/2002 05:52PM
Posted 04/25/2002 05:52PM Opening Post
From all my NET searches, it seems that the ONLY source for
Rotating rings are:

(Someone told me that KEN DAUZAT makes them too, but his website doesn't show them.)

After performing the Heimlich maneuver (on myself) due to reading the HIGH PRICE's of these RR's, I thought, "there HAS to be a less expensive solution for those of us on a budget (and with smaller OTA reflectors, 5", 6", etc)".
(note: No disrespect intending to those Mfg's making these rings. I'm sure they are of high quality and the Mfg deserves the asking price. But that market is a bit too steap for us amaturs on a budget)
(Hey, if I could afford a 12" or larger Reflector, RR's would be the least of my worries ;-)

Has anybody come across a good idea? Anyone making something (for sale)?
a Kit? Plans?
I own a Intes Micro MN56 (5" Mak-Newt) mounted on a CG-5.
Nice Scope and mount, but what a pain to keep spinning the OTA in the ring holder every time I re-locate to a new object :-(

Feedback WELCOME :-)

Lat: 38:41:13.776N
Lon: 121:04:39.432W
Posted 04/25/2002 06:02PM #1
Hi Bill,
Did you try The telescope warehouse? Sometimes he has some. The link in on the astromart home page ( sponsor )
~~Sonya ~~