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Star Images in the Presence of Aberrations

Started by Ron Oehlert, 08/11/2003 06:46AM
Posted 08/11/2003 06:46AM Opening Post
S&T Gleanings for ATM's article April, 1978 page 347 concluded that there was no evidence (from an optical point of view) that a schiefspiegler or refractor should outperform a newtonian with a small CO. All exibited similar degradation; for the tilted component telescopes it is coma, for the refractor it is defocusing and for the newt it is the CO, but the effects of each are comparable and not worse than the others. If one design gives less (or more) performance than the others suspect surface quality, alignment, or air currents as the reason. Thought this might be of interest in the wake of recent discussions. Ron