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Tube materials for a Dob

Started by Deosil, 06/15/2002 12:53PM
Posted 06/15/2002 12:53PM Opening Post
This may be an incredibly stupid question, but bear with me since this is my first time making a scope...

All of the info in books and on the web I have seen about making telescopes have made the outer tube from either wood, or use a trussed pipe system. I have at my disposal a large assortment of PVC piping ranging from 6" - 14". All sorts of caps and junctions are availible for this type of material and I thought it might make it easy to work with (not to mention cheap). If I matte-black the inside of the tube, is this a viable solution?

If no one knows of any big reasons not to try it, I'll let you all know how it worked, and what it cost when I'm done smile