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Use tape to attach laminate to bottom of rocker bo

Started by djscobel, 02/17/2011 07:10AM
Posted 02/17/2011 07:10AM Opening Post
Has anyone used tape to attach laminate to the bottom of the rocker box? Good or bad results?

My motivation is that I want to use FRP, but it's not as durable as Ebony Star, and will eventually have to be replaced. I'm thinking something like double-sided carpet tape, something that would make removal later easier. The laminate just needs to stay put, so that it rotates on the pads instead of spinning on the bottom of the rocker box. Gravity should keep things nice and flat and in contact.

Conventional wisdom says to use contact cement, but that's pretty much permanent. I've heard that you can use a heat gun and you should be able to get it off intact, but I would think you'd still have a gooey mess to clean up once it's off.



Posted 02/17/2011 07:35AM #1
I have FRP on a couple of my larger dobs and have never ever needed to replace it, so I am puzzled by this statement! On my 20" the FRP is several years old, had lots of use and shows absolutely no signs of wear.
Posted 02/17/2011 07:56PM #2

With one scope I just made a disk with a hole in the center the size of the center bolt and left it at that. I don't see a real need to attach it...

Posted 02/23/2011 05:30AM #3
Thanks for all the comments/advice, everyone. I may try using a small amount of double-sided tape on my new scope (16" Telekit) temporarily, to compare use of Ebony Star against FRP, on both all Teflon and the Teflon/roller bearings that came with the kit. But once I decide on what works best I'll probably secure it "permanently" with contact cement.