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What Do Amateurs Do For a Living?

Started by jadamslh, 02/25/2007 03:41PM
Posted 02/25/2007 03:41PM Opening Post
I'm intrigued that so many amateurs here have machinist/mechanical backgrounds. I'm a fine woodworker; certainly there is a wide variety of professions represented here.

What do you folks do? I don't care if you're a trustfund kid or play piano in a whorehouse, and it's not about status, I'm interested in inclinations.

One of the things which has attracted me to the hobby has been the fellowship between folks who will stay out in freezing or marginal weather to all hours to look for vanishingly subtle objects.

James Adams

Posted 02/25/2007 04:36PM #1
I'm a retired teacher and high school principal.

Posted 02/25/2007 05:10PM #2
I'm an optical engineer. Thing is, I tend not to sit behind the desk all day. That includes getting into the machine shop at work, or doing other technician stuff. I bet you'll find the common link is folks who don't mind getting their hands DIY'ers.

Posted 02/25/2007 05:42PM #3
I'm a research & development machinist for the Air Force. We make rocket motors, hardware, and support components for scientific research.

I got into telescope making out of necessity. Since I couldn't buy (1976) I figured I could build.



40 year old restored C14 with recirculating cooling w/Skywatcher DOB GOTO Conversion (CPC14)

Synscan DOB mounted Sky-Watcher Evostar 150mm/1200mm ED Refractor

"Rescued" Craig's List Orion 120mm/1000mm Refractor


Posted 02/25/2007 05:59PM #4
[COLOR="Purple"]Great question James!

Myself, I design, install and maintain high end videoconferencing and audio visual systems for a state university. Luckily my job benefits allow for a fair amount of time off, which I like to use building scopes and observing with them.

Like several of the others, I'm "hands on" in that I like to build and tinker. I like working with wood and enjoy the challenge of making something that I need for a telescope.

What type of woodworking are you involved in?
Posted 02/25/2007 06:46PM #5
Special Education teacher(1979-2002). Presently retired. smile

Darian R.
Posted 02/25/2007 07:11PM | Edited 02/25/2007 07:12PM #6
I'm an aerospace engineer specializing in structural analysis. I worked on the Space Shuttle SRB motors, the International Space Station, and currently work on the CH-47 Helicopter program for the US Army. I have been building scopes for about 12 years. I'm 45 and still working. But retirement is only 10 years away grin
Posted 02/25/2007 07:31PM #7
I'm now a businessman and run the retail establishment that has been in my family since 1948. I'm a wanna be finished carpenter and was originally trained in art design/photography hence my interests in optics and photography. Basically, a jack of all trades but a master at none.
Posted 02/25/2007 08:31PM #8

I am a "research engineer" that works in a materials science/mechanics of materials group in a university.

I do a lot of "high strain" testing (blasting things) and design specialized testing equipment for our own use, working closely with some talented machnists. We have built some of this stuff for other universities and various branches of the military.

Posted 02/25/2007 10:09PM #9
Senior pastor at Calvary de Taos church in New Mexico.