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What's the WORST scope you ever built?

Started by pkamm, 10/30/2002 05:44AM
Posted 10/30/2002 05:44AM Opening Post
When I was in high school (around 20 yrs ago) I once built a refractor using a 5.25" plano-convex surplus single-lens objective with a thick green meniscus lens for the eyepiece. Tube of PVC. Actually, the mount, everything was PVC. Venus was an amorphous blob with rainbows streaming all around it. Could see craters on the Moon -- Copernicus, and maybe 2 others. The thing was impossible to point. Certainly not my finest hour. It may have been my cheapest hour though.
Posted 10/30/2002 05:41PM #1
For me it was a finder scope made out of a 35mm binoc objective, some cardboard tubing and a diagonal/EP from a truly horrible 20mm finder. The whole thing was held together with duct tape. Classy looking! It worked but not very well. I've gotten better at the ATM game. Here's my current "big gun" on a commercially made platform.

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Posted 10/30/2002 06:02PM #2

"Venus was an amorphous blob with rainbows streaming all around it."

Well that's much more interesting to look at than the boring view through my 10" SCT
The kids would just love it ;-)

Anthony @ 41*S 175*E
Posted 11/15/2002 04:02PM #3
When living in Reno, found a 50 gallon drum full of copy machine lens assemblies. After re-arranging lenses and removing 1/2 of the negative lenses they made a 5" inch aperature short focal length(apprx. 6 inches) refractor with an adjustable f-stop(by rotating part of assy.), that had the flatest field you ever saw edge to edge. Chromatic abberation was indecent....but managed to trade one of these home-built scopes to a student observatory in Reno for new eyepiec I wanted and the rest were sold to bird watchers. You could see the tiny-tiny splinters in a telephone pole 150 feet away. At night EVERYTHING was imaged in red, blue, with color halo's out about 1/2 inch to the eye no matter the distance. The assy's cost me $5.00 each. Wish I had kept one......